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What you need to know about automated trading

Automated trading is to use software that can trade using preset entry and exit rules. It’s a trading system. In the Rich dad poor dad book Robert Kyosaki talks about  business systems. He explains how business systems can be the defining difference behind a successful business.

To trade forex profitably we need to give our trading the same amount of planning that we would a business. So we should be using a good system if we want to stack the odds in our favor.

How do we beat the banks? Not immediately, but definitely.

By now you should already know that 90% of traders fail. So what you need to realize right now is that you will not find yourself in the 10% if you do what everyone else does. By using automated trading, investors can gain great insight with only a few clicks and key strokes. Yes, you can test a strategy without risking funds in a trading account. This gives you an edge in the market. An edge gets you in with the 10% that make all the money.


Why investors choose automated trading using Chartmaster

Chartmaster is an algorithm used not just for automated trading. It also provides the ability to be able to test a strategy over historical data to see how it would have performed. Using the Metatrader 4 strategy tester you can set up strategies in Chartmaster and test over any period. To have this type of information is part of what gives you an edge in the market.


Strategy report

A strategy report for a test over a 6 week period on the M15 time frame


34% is considerable risk. But having a reward to compare it to gives a deeper understanding about the value in the strategy. So when we analyze the data from the above report we can take a good overall view and we can pull up this type of information in a few minutes. Paper trading a strategy can take weeks, months or even years so the power of this automated trading technology is unmatched.

You can make changes to lower the risk factor while maintaining a reasonable return rate. Test the changes to understand the impact it will have on the results without risking any funds to get the analytics and insights.


Trading strategy report

The same strategy over the same period but with lower risk settings

Automated trading can advance your trading to unprecedented levels

  • It takes at least three years to become a profitable trader and another two to three years to become a sustainable trader. With the use of software you are able to cut the time spent down exponentially and get a much better edge in the market to make a reasonable profit.
  • Leverage the knowledge and development spent over five years to develop this software. It is designed to help fast track your road to success.
  • Get an edge in the market before risking any capital. Use the test analytics and optimization function to establish the most profitable settings for a strategy.
  • Build a strategy portfolio using hard data
  • Finalize a strategy from start to finish at a fraction of the time


Join the 10% of traders and do it in record time

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Step into the future with algorithmic trading

Trading carries a high level of risk. You may lose some or all of your capital. I am not a financial advisor and this website is for educational purposes only. You should seek professional advice from a qualified advisor before making any investment decisions. Never invest what you can’t afford to lose. Profit Fx and its associates and employees cannot be held responsible for any losses made.