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The basics

Here you will find the foundations, absolutely necessary skills that you need to master. There are six components that form the framework of analysis techniques.

Japanese candlesticks explained

Learn how to read Japanese candlesticks and trade them. Here are the ones that matter the most because they work the best. Having a small collection of high quality signal candlesticks gives you an edge in the market. An edge and good risk management are two key elements to becoming a successful trader….


Trading 101

Forex, also known as Currency, Foreign Exchange or FX trading is a $5 trillion a day global market. In it, traders from across the globe, comprising of the biggest financial institutions to private individuals invest in the strengthening of one currency versus another currency.


Trading psychology

There are many skills and characteristics that traders need in order for them to trade the financial markets successfully. The ability to understand market structure, price movements and determining the trend are all key traits. But not one of them are as important and strong discipline and emotional control.


Risk management

A trader can generate substantial profits over time but it can be lost in one or two bad trades if good risk management is not applied. It is unfortunate that risk management is often overlooked as it is an essential prerequisite to successful trading.